Track Listing

  1. Contact
  2. Attack
  3. Unbelievable Carnage
  4. Survivor’s Guilt
  5. Alone/Hunted
  6. Taken On Board
  7. Probe
  8. Cross-Bred For Science
  9. Plan A: Extermination
  10. Plunder Of A Planet
  11. Plan B: Utter Destruction By Hyperbeam
  12. Space Dust

Released 1994

Streaming Unavailable

Founder of the “Wantagh Bootgaze” branch of early 90’s acid-wave, Superauthority’s Brandt Tabin credits much of his sound to the dark peculiarities of his early life. Orphaned as an infant, Brandt was begrudgingly taken in by his grandfather-cum-amateur inventor Dr. Maximillian Tabin, to live in his decaying house-laboratory in Hempstead, NY. Brandt peeked through doorways as the elder Tabin, descending into paranoid madness, researched and developed far-fetched but extremely lethal weaponry including “remote-activated deadly-to-the-touch tarantula spiders,” a supposed “brain-thoughts broadcasting radio implant” and the poisoned “Tabin Needle.”

Exposed to the world by the investigative journalism of a former experiment subject, Tabin was arrested and his inventions destroyed, hastening his mental deterioration and leading to his eventual suicide – which Brandt not only witnessed but unknowingly took part in and famously dramatized in his 1994 experimental film/album You Have Never Seen This Much Blood.

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