Track Listing

  1. Get Action (1994)
  2. Self-Destructive Bicycle (1996)

Released 2016

“Get Action” is only the second Fast-Track Diplomat song to emerge from the archives of the incredibly reclusive man-behind-the-music professor Dr. Thurlo Cox. Despite still refusing to talk to press after the much-publicized re-discovery of his magnum opus “Self-Destructive Bicycle” (1996), Dr. Cox, formerly an Associate Professor of Cinema Studies at Gordon College in northeastern Vermont, was badgered for more music so insistently that he begrudgingly opened his tape archive and sent the master tape of this incredible song to one very lucky fan with a mysterious note enclosed that read, “Thanks Mom and Dad.”

Originally composed as part of a multi-disciplinary doctoral thesis on children’s cinema during the Cold War, “Self-Destructive Bicycle” is a vaguely cautionary tale of self-esteem and self-destruction told with recontextualized vocal samples from 1986’s classic BMX movie Rad. The song has lately become a protest anthem for the vocal group of movie lovers demanding that the film, only released on VHS and Laserdisc, be made available for viewing or purchase in less obsolete formats. Saying that the lack of re-release is “bullshit,” movement member Maxwell Clark is calling on copyright holder Schwartzman Pictures to “cut a deal with Netflix or somebody and release this thing from its unstreamable hell.”