1. Spaceship Merle
  2. Mechanical Poem
  3. This Whale Is Covered In Blood
  4. Egregious Aardvark
  5. Sexual Soup Response
  6. Weinerwald
  7. Rancid Roach Axe
  8. Blood Grimace
  9. Nachtmare
  10. Opposite Of Meat

Re-released 1998

Furtwängler – “Spaceship Merle” (1998)

Founded in Viernheim, Germany in 1981 by childhood friends Rolf Fehrenbach and Hugo Müller, Furtwängler’s spastic musical evolution defied categorization, their sound careening wildly through the disparate genres of psychedelic surf rock, minimalist electro soundscapes, synthesized bagpipe funk, beat poetry about types of magnets and grating mechanical noise collages that would be so physically painful to listen to that no human, including Furtwängler themselves, has ever listened to them. “It is not music for humans,” says Fehrenbach. “It is music made by machines and only they have the capacity to enjoy it. You wouldn’t understand. Neither do I.”